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  Posted July 3rd 2014 by PaPa

worst birthday ever

  Posted December 9th 2012 by PaPa

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  Posted September 30th 2012 by PaPa

New update to Dota released, which I expect to make its way to Dota 2 within a couple of weeks, and it is HUGE.

Couple of interesting bits:

- Shadow Fiend: Upon dying half of Shadow Fiend's souls (the amount lost on death) will be released as if you had cast Requiem of Souls with those souls. This cast doesn't put the spell on cooldown and will trigger if it is on cooldown. It is now a passive component of the ability.

- Ethereal Blade: Ether Blast now does damage based on the primary attribute of the holder instead of always agility.

As someone on reddit put it "shotgun pudge, new meta"

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Thor Van Camp

  Posted June 9th 2012 by PaPa

the wonder years

  Posted January 5th 2012 by PaPa

decided to scan my old photo album, have uploaded the pictures here

it is only shared with you guys so don't worry about people seeing embarrassing/sexually compromising pictures of you

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